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  • Duubee OS development
  • Outstanding test ability
    Duubee OS covers all layers of mobile device software system from the driver, rmware, framework for the application which helps achieve multiple customized settings, also provides a simple interface and easy to use.

    Reliability test: functional reliability test, environmental cycle testing, aging life test, mechanical strength testing and so on.

    Antenna tuning & testing ability: R&D team has the full skill of antenna tuning & testing for 2G, 3G, and 4G network.
    Outstanding test ability
Intelligent terminal design
Strong hardware and software design with ID, structure, hardware, UI, UE, software and UTA team.
Duubee have advanced R&D and product testing laboratory, with the ability of
  • Hardware reliability test
  • Antenna test
  • Camera test
  • GMS certi cation test
  • Software performance test
  • Software stability test ( Monkey, MTBF ).
The perfect integration of technology, channel, and capital. Promote the concept of intelligent manufacturing, to build the unmanned workshop and smart factory.
Manufacturing management fully supported by IT system such as ERP, ISC, APS, SRM, EMS 3.0 and BI, thus improving production ef ciency, production output, and cost management, and realize production automation nally. Successively passed the latest identi cations such as IS09001, ISO14001, HSAS18001 and so on.